Guests of Honor

Peter S. Beagle

Pro GoH

Born in Manhattan on April 20, 1939, Peter Soyer Beagle, son of Simon and Rebecca Soyer Beagle, was raised in the Bronx, New York. From an early age he was a voracious reader, and his parents encouraged him in his pursuits of the literary arts. As early as sixth grade, he proclaimed that he was going to be a writer, and during his years at the Bronx High School of Science (Class of '55), he was a frequent contributor to the school literary magazine. It was in this period that his work caught the attention of the fiction editor at Seventeen Magazine. In his senior year of high school, he entered a poem and a story into the 1955 Scholastic Writing Awards Contest, without realizing that one of the top prizes was a college scholarship. His poem took first place, and he spent the next four years at the University of Pittsburgh.

Catherynne Valente

Pro GoH

Catherynne M. Valente was born on Cinco de Mayo, 1979 in Seattle, WA, but grew up in in the wheatgrass paradise of Northern California. She has three brothers and a sister. She graduated from high school at age 15, going on to UC San Diego and Edinburgh University, receiving her B.A. in Classics with an emphasis in Ancient Greek Linguistics. She then drifted away from her M.A. program and into a long residence in the concrete and camphor wilds of Japan.

Steve Collins

Science GoH

Steve Collins is an attitude control system engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He has been a flight team member on Mars Observer, Galileo, Deep Space One, MER, and NASA's Deep Impact mission to blow a hole in the comet Tempel 1.

Matt Busch

Artist GoH

Regarded as one of the top entertainment illustrators, Matt Busch has made a career out of tapping into every expressive art imaginable, surprising even his die-hard fans what he’ll do next.

SJ Tucker

Filk GoH

Telling a story is sometimes like weaving a spell. Images and concepts wrapped in rhyme and rhythm are a gift to the imagination. SJ Tucker specializes in such magic and such gifts, enfolded and delivered in folk rock mythpunk music that moves the body and soul. Joined by cellist Betsy Tinney at ConFusion 2010 and thus performing as Skinny White Chick, this pixie-pirate minstrel is very happy to be Music Guest of Honor.

David Gibbs

Fan GoH

David Gibbs is a true renaissance person. Some aspects of this include: Life Master at Bridge, avid rock climber and ball room dancer, plays soccer in his spare time, motorcycle riding; he rode his motorcycle to the San Francisco World Con and he tackled a bicycle trip through Europe with his friend David Weil where they invented a game of put-pocket where they would swap a can of beans into each others bags, which they continued for years as they travelled to cons together. Other quirks include that he had specially built bookshelves for his paperback collection in his kitchen, he is a longtime RUSH fan, and he has a history of having his "horses" die underneath him, and then just leaving them by the side of the road and carrying on. His friend Kyle Duncan says he has walked away from at least one vehicle on the 401, never to return.