Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Geeks and Fen... Right this Way...

Witness the amazing spectacle that is the Creepy Carnival Masquerade!

Come! Participate in an evening of costuming, entertainment, and showmanship! This year we have a special theme of creepy carnival. Did I hear someone say zombie clowns?

The Masquerade takes place in the Ballroom Saturday night for all captivated audience members.

If you are daring enough to participate, your devoted and brilliant team of crafty costume geeks collectively known as the Whizbang Theatre Federation will expertly guide you through this year's Masquerade. The Whizbangers are excited to show you a jolly good time!

Contact our masquerade10 [at] stilyagi [dot] org (Masquerade Coodinator) to request the rules for joining us in an evening presenting a fabulous show filled with revelry and bonding with fellow costume geeks. We have a variety of categories, for young and old, beginner and expert alike!

Don't miss the performances of the Motown Belly Dance Troupe and our special guest Emcee.

So get in Gear and grab your greatest Garb and join us for the Fun!

Satori Circus at ConFusion

Satori Circus will be performing during the ConFusion Masquerade. You can find out more about him at his MySpace page.

Past Years' Masquerade Photos

Please Note:
ConFusion reserves the right to use photos of Masquerade participants on its web site and in promotional materials.

Masquerade Rules

Must be a member of confusion to enter the Masquerade , whether as model or creator.

Contestants will be asked to show badges at the Muster. Badges are not to be worn on stage.

Costumes must be registered. To register, complete the registration form available at Ops pre-register at the con by 5 pm Saturday afternoon, or late register at the muster without music or special effects.

  1. Pre-Registration: Pick up and drop off completed forms at Ops before 5 pm on Saturday.
  2. Late Registration: Bringing your completed form with you to the Muster at 7pm. You may not have special music if registered late.

[NOTE: If you have sound for your entry, you MUST register by 5pm. We will NOT offer sound for entries registering at the Muster.]

The Masquerade begins at 8pm, and the pre-Masquerade Muster starts at 7pm. Entrants are to check in for the Muster start at 7pm.. You MUST be in the Muster room with completed paperwork no later than at 7pm. Early check- in is appreciated!

The Masquerade includes costumes entered in competition and those entered for display or presentation only. You can enter a costume just to show it off, or to do a presentation, or to compete. All costumes may be eligible for presentation and/or skit awards at the judges' discretion.

The designer/creator of the costume and the model need not be the same person. In most cases the creator is considered the contestant. Models must be members of Confusion. When filling out the registration form, "designer" and "creator" refer to the people who designed and/or constructed and/or assembled the costume being entered in this Masquerade.

Contestants are limited to 60 seconds on stage unless they have pre-registered and have a special presentation that is pre-approved by the Masquerade Director.

Entrants will be introduced by the MC. If you have a special introduction for the MC to read it must be clearly written on the registration form.

No microphone will be available to participants. In preparing a presentation, bear in mind that the masquerade will take place in a large room. If you wish to include dialogue, be prepared to project, or consider lipsynching to a recording.

We hope to offer sound for Masquerade entries. If you have pre-recorded music and/or dialogue you would like played for your presentation it must be provided by 5pm on Saturday. It must be provided in Mp3 format on a flash disk.

[NOTE: All technical systems are subject to failure. Be prepared to present without sound.]

The Masquerade's view on nudity follows the laws of the state and the mores of the convention. Please contain your nipples and goody basket.

The following standard costume competition restrictions apply:

  1. No open flame, fire, explosives, flash powder, or flash paper allowed. Sealed electronic flashes are permitted. Please advise if you are planning on using a strobe effect.
  2. No messy substances on stage. "Messy substance" is a catch-all that includes (but is not restricted to) liquids, peanut butter, powders, gels, slimes, Styrofoam peanuts, chocolate pudding, ketchup and anything that may damage another entrant's costume or create a hazard on the stage.

Refer to confusions weapons policy for weapons and weapon replicas.

The Masquerade Director reserves the option to eliminate anyone from the Masquerade on the basis of danger to the audience or other contestants or other reasonable consideration.

If you need special arrangements because of mobility or vision restrictions or because the size or structure of your costume restricts mobility or vision please contact the Masquerade Director in advance and note on your registration form.

Purchased or rented costumes are not allowed in competition. You can use purchased pieces to build your costume, but the costume as a whole should be made by the contestant.


Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Humor, Other.

Contestants aged 13 and under are considered Juniors.

If there are sufficient numbers of competitors, Adult contestants (aged 14 and over) will compete in experience divisions:

Entrant who has never won an award in a costume competition or similar costume competition
Entrant who has won at least one award (but fewer than three awards)
Entrant who has won three or more awards

All adult Divisions are open divisions: entrants can choose to enter any Division above their current division (this is a one-way trip). If you are a professional costumer, fashion designer, or textile artist, you should consider entering in the Master division. If unsure which division is appropriate, consult the Masquerade Director. Depending on the number of entries, the divisions may be adjusted to novice and veteran.

Workmanship will be judged separately during the Muster and is optional. You must indicate on your form if you would like to be judged on workmanship. Rented and purchased costumes or components are not eligible for workmanship judging. Modifications made to purchased components may be eligible.