SJ Tucker -- Filk GoH

Telling a story is sometimes like weaving a spell. Images and concepts wrapped in rhyme and rhythm are a gift to the imagination. SJ Tucker specializes in such magic and such gifts, enfolded and delivered in folk rock mythpunk music that moves the body and soul. Joined by cellist Betsy Tinney at ConFusion 2010 and thus performing as Skinny White Chick, this pixie-pirate minstrel is very happy to be Music Guest of Honor.

You may know SJ Tucker, or "Sooj", as the mastermind behind Tricky Pixie, or as the inspiration and beneficiary of the Ravens in the Library anthology, which features contributions from Catherynne M. Valente, Holly Black, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, and Amy Brown. Tucker is perhaps best known for the fusion she weaves with story and song — in her Wendy Trilogy, for example, Peter Pan's own Wendy inherits Captain Hook's pirate ship and opens an on-deck school for young ladies called the Lost Girls Pirate Academy.

Restless as the "questing bards" and "ladies vagabond" in her songs and stories, Sooj continuously tours the U. S. as an independent performer, featured everywhere from festivals to living rooms. When asked "Where do you live?" she typically answers, "In my truck." The full answer is a bit more complicated.

Tucker began this journey in 2004, when she realized that she could either be poor and miserable working for someone else, or be poor and happy following her dreams. That spring, Tucker quit her day job, moved out of her midtown apartment in Memphis, Tennessee, and started on a journey she has yet to finish. She truly enjoys her ideal life of traveling from town to town, singing and playing music for her friends and fans. Called a "Gypsy Dragon" by those closest to her, S.J. Tucker has been "hoarding homes" instead of gold ever since.

Born into a creative family in southeast Arkansas, Tucker first stepped onto a stage at the age of six. From then on, she studied various musical instruments and sang with her family as often as possible. Tucker began writing poetry at age seven, began writing songs at age fourteen, and had her first public concert at age seventeen. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Theater at age twenty-one, whereupon she realized she would much rather receive attention and acclaim for being herself instead of pursuing an acting career. Tucker moved to Memphis, Tennessee after college, where she worked as a restaurant hostess, a bookstore babe, and a muralist while performing and writing new music as often as possible.Since 2004, Tucker has maintained an average of more than 140 shows per year and has released five studio albums of original music, three book soundtracks, three live albums, an illustrated children's book, and a series of limited-edition EPs.

Tucker is the front woman of Skinny White Chick, a band with an ever-evolving lineup. She frequently shares the stage with her flame-slinging partner and mentor K' Wiley. Her newest touring projects are Seattle-based Celtic Faerie trio Tricky Pixie — a collaboration with fandom-beloved fiddler Alexander James Adams and the aforementioned Betsy Tinney — and the all-female harmony-rock powerhouse known as The Traveling Fates — wherein Sooj trades songs with long-time colleagues Ginger Doss and Bekah Kelso.

"A brass-balled pixie with a killer voice" (Satyrblade, Vision Magazine), S.J. Tucker turns heads and touches hearts wherever she goes. She skillfully blends guitars and various hand percussion to her will, but her true gift is her voice — an instrument that slides effortlessly from whispered invocations to full-throated gospel and blues. "Singer/songwriters, take note," raves J-Sin of "This is what you should be doing and how you should sound!"