Pre-Registration is Now Closed

Sorry, pre-registration is now closed. We're always willing to take your money at the door, though!

Before 12-Oct-2009 Before 01-Jan-2010 At the Door
Adult Membership $30 $35 $45
KidFusion (12 and younger) $20 $20 $25

KidFusion is our special programming track for the five-to-twelve year old fen. KidFusion will have panels on Friday night and on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. At 7pm, kids can come by for a pizza party, and then stay for our Pajama Party from 8pm to 1am. (There is an additional fee for the pizza and pajama parties, as we get actual babysitters for these events.)

KidFusion members age 5 and under must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult to KidFusion programming. Past experience has shown that most children of this age are not mature enough to be left on their own at these events.

We also ask that children over 12 buy a regular adult membership. These older kids who want to attend KidFusion programming are encouraged to volunteer to be gophers for KidFusion. Former KidFusion "graduates" have helped out a lot the last couple of years, setting proper behavior standards and helping the younger KidFusion fen. And, like all volunteers, KidFusion gophers are eligible for registration reimbursement and other volunteer benefits.

There is no charge for Kids-In-Tow, but in the function areas they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a paid membership. A KidFusion membership is required for the pizza and pajama parties.

Any child, regardless of age, who is unmanageable or disruptive will have their membership reduced to Kid-In-Tow.