With over 130 hours of scheduled gaming, the Mediterranean room will also have something happening during the Con. We have something for you if you have 10 minutes or several hours, there is always something to do.

Magic the Gathering players I hope you brought your cards with 2 separate tournaments happening over the course of the con and some room for pick-ups you will have many chances to play.

Returning again this year is the ORIGINS AWARD ROAD SHOW. Try out the latest games and see what games are trying for the top gaming award, the Calliope. This year the games Library is there to fulfill your gaming needs with two tables open for whatever you want to try. Gozer Games is back with Collateral Damage and Mayfair Games returns with the shining face of Alex Yeager to help you get your gaming fix.

Knock down the Door, Kill the Monster, Backstab your Buddy, Munchkin the game gets rid of all of the silly role-playing and gets back to the basics... getting treasure. This event is a 3 hour event and the highest level at the end is the winner.

This year there will be 20 different chances for role-playing games. Vampire, QAGS, Red Dwarf, Dragon Storm, Witch Hunter, Pathfinder & Dungeons and Dragons... there is something for all gaming needs.

Linda is back with 3 separate sessions of Paint-n-take, take some time from the con and make a little masterpiece that you can take with you when you are done. As if that was not enough to do there will be a slot car race track set up over the entire weekend so you will always get your need for speed.

New events this year, 2 seminars and the first annual Confusion GEEK-OFF. Friday night visit with the fabulous Alex Yeager and find out 'What is new with Mayfair Games. Saturday afternoon three of the southeast Michigan's best GMs are going to share their knowledge of what makes for 'Good GM Skills'

The first annual Confusion GEEK-OFF, is a set of 4 half hour seminars, where a variety of fanish topics will be questions and your minds will be challenged, one on Friday, 3 on Saturday and all leading up to the finals Sunday at noon, there will be prizes.

Origins Awards Road Show

The Origins Awards Road Show is your opportunity to see some of the best new games around! Featuring all games submitted for the Origins Awards and published in 2008, our traveling games library will be on hand for you to examine, explore, and most important: play! Our staff will be on hand to help you experience the best that gaming has to offer. Come on by and learn about the Awards, Origins, and play a few of the best new games!

Mayfair Games

Whether you’ve got 10 minutes or 2 hours, stop by and play one of our games! Classics like Settlers of Catan, new games like Pandemic and Galaxy Trucker and lots of things in-between will be available from Saturday morning until Sunday.

Games Library

Have some time to spare during the con? Always wanted to try a game but not sure where to start? Come play with the Game chair’s personal games. In the collection many fine companies are represented. Games will be taught if possible just check out a game at the Library in the Mediterranean room

  • Steve Jackson Games
  • Out of the Box
  • Atlas Games
  • Twilight Creations
  • Gut Bustin’ Games
  • Fantasy Flight
  • And many, many more

Game room rules

  1. All players are expected to be able to read and understand the rules; the game room is not a day care service.
  2. All players are to be respectful of the other players
  3. Please be careful with food and drink as you are playing with someone else's game
  4. Noise levels should be kept to a dull roar
  5. Anyone who can not follow these rules will be asked to leave the game room. Habitual rule breakers will have their con badges removed without refund
  6. Above all, play fair and have fun
  7. Look for an onsite gaming program with specific event descriptions and times
  8. Main information for the room will be at the Games Library desk, otherwise check with Ops
  9. Space is tight in the gaming room, PLEASE only use marked 'Open Gaming' tales for impromptu games.

Schedule of Events