What Is ConFusion All About?

The Question:

I have never attended a ConFusion SF convention. Can you give me an idea of what it is about? Also, I see that it spans three days. Is there an agenda available for the weekend?

The Answer:

Our agenda isn't completely set yet; when it is we'll post it here. But basically our programming starts Friday evening and goes through to about 3 pm on Sunday. During the daytimes we will have a Dealers' room and an Art Show, which will offer many types of things to satisfy all SF and fantasy and related interests in books, collectibles, jewelry, costumes, sculpture, toys, etc. The program will cover various topics, mainly SF literature, movies and TV, science, society at large, fannish customs, the art of writing, other arts, chocolate... you know, the important things. :) Especially, we will have programming focused around our Guests of Honor.

There will be programming specifically targeted to kids, and there will be gaming, and filk (an SF-specific sort of folk music) including concerts Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Friday night Opening Ceremonies will be followed by a reception. Saturday night there will be the Masquerade (a formal costume contest), followed by a Dance. Friday and Saturday night we will welcome various groups and individuals who will be hosting room parties and competing in our room party contest. The ConSuite will serve drinks and munchies 24 hours a day, and there will undoubtedly be gaming and music going into all hours.

To help newcomers get the fullest enjoyment out of their first ConFusion, we will offer programming items where well-established fans will be happy to answer your questions about what this is all about and how to best enjoy it. If this is your first convention, we encourage you to find one of those to attend.

We hope you come and have a good time. Discover friends you haven't met yet, find great conversations, and make some of your own private magic. That is, more or less, what it is all about.

See you there!